How to Learn English in within 3 Months

Today I will be addressing a question almost all our students ask us many times: “How much time will it take to speak ?”

This will help you get a clear picture of how much time and effort you need to give to learn complete English.

An average learner, who has some basic understanding of English, can learn to speak English in three months. There may be various reasons to learn English in such a short time span as well: job-related needs, traveling and much more.
Yes, learning English in such a short span of time is possible. All you need is proper guidance and a lot of dedication. Here is what you need to do:
Set Your targets.
Define Your short as well as long term goals.
Do NOT go easy on yourself.
Now that you know what you need, let’s see how you will use these:
The first month: Build the basic English Knowledge

The first month is to brush up or lay the foundation of the language. By foundation, we mean, learn the basics. and fundamental Make sure you know the basic grammar rules, can read and understand basic words and English sentences.

Start by learning what everyday things are called in English. Use vocabulary applications, dictionary, flash cards and sticky notes to learn and memorize these newly English words.
Gradually move on to learning sentence structure by making basic sentences. Narrate your daily routine at the end of the day, or describe your day to day activities as you do them.
Watch Youtube English channels, music videos and movies with English subtitles to gain a better understanding of the language.Watch English News channel which is very important.
Speak about your favorite food/sport/book and so on to ensure maximum practice.
Start Speaking in front of the mirror.
The second month: Immerse yourself in the language

The second month is to put all that you have learned to practice. Go deeper into the process of learning English and surround yourself with language learning resources and reference material.

Make an online or offline speaking partner: A partner is someone you can converse in English with. At this stage, you need to speak the maximum, and that too about routine activities, so that talking to other people and making small talk becomes easier.You can find your online speaking partner from
Follow blogs and other language learning websites to keep in touch with the basics. Do NOT memorize the grammar rules, practice using them instead. This way you will not forget them easily.
The third month: Focus on your Main Goal

The third month is to consolidate your learning and focus on your goal for learning English (travel, interviews or exams…). Refer to diverse practice material to achieve your goal. Practice speaking English, and evaluate your performance.